Zanza was at one time a scientist named Kalus who worked with a woman named Meyneth, on an experiment, said research was meant to give him control of the universe and it worked, as he and Meyneth wiped the whole universe and made a new one, with Klaus renaming himself Zanza and becoming the soul of the Bionis, some time after he forged a Monado and possesed the giant Aglas starting the first war within the Bionis and the Machina.

After his defeat he is imprisioned on an island under the watch of the high entheletia but is relased by shulk and his friends, passing away soon after his relase it is revealed his soul can inhabit weapon, later on Dickson shoots Shulk in order to relase Zanza, who soon afterwards forces out the Machina Monado out of Meyneth, it would seem his original intention was to posses shulk and use him for his own purposes but the plans had to be altered until dickson relased him.

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