Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Wii U
Release Date North America: December 4, 2015
Europe: December 4, 2015
Japan: April 29, 2015
Australia: December 5, 2015
Series Xenoblade
Preceded by Xenoblade Chronicles
Succeeded by Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles X is the next massive sci-fi role-playing game from Monolith Soft, the creators of Baten, Kaitos and Xenoblade Chronicles, comes exclusively to Wii U. A terrible intergalactic war that destroyed Earth in the crossfire led to the planet's evacuation via Ark Ships, ginormous vessels capable of carrying an entire city. However many were shot down in the escape attempt, leaving just a handful of Earth survivors.

Two years later, pursuit forces locate the American Ark Ship, called the White Whale and attack it whilst it approaches an unknown planet known as Mira. The military and an unnamed hero repel the attack but due to damage to the vessel's engine, the Ark Ship crashes into the planet, forcing the survivors to start anew in a beautiful yet hostile environment.

Players will engage in battles against powerful creatures of all forms and sizes using the deep battle system that builds on the triumphs of Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii.

[edit] Game Play

Game play takes place on a world filled with much beauty, but also filled with danger as well. Having crashed on this world, the player soon travels to the crash site of the Ark Ship that left Earth. This highly advanced ship contained an entire city, the city being known as New Los Angeles.

The player will complete story-based quests and side quests to gain experience and level up, all whilst exploring a world that is approximately five times the scale of its spiritual predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles.

[edit] Features

  • Riding and controlling a weaponized mech, players can explore every inch of the massive open world displayed in gorgeous high-definition graphics. The world is filled with strange and imaginative creatures, from small bugs to giant dinosaurs.
  • As characters improve in different classes, they will learn new combat and defensive skills, or Arts.
  • Players can customize the Arts palette as their characters learn new Arts. All Arts have a “recast” time – once cast, the player must wait out a “cooldown” period before that Art can be used again.
  • Players can customize everything about the main character’s appearance, including gender, shapes, height, skin color, voice and tattoos.

[edit] Characters

  • Elma: A B.L.A.D.E. captain given the orders to find and retrieve cryogenic stasis pods that ejected from the White Whale. Awakens Cross from cryogenic stasis pod, and the first member to join Cross. Served as the captain of the Doll Squad prior to Earth's destruction.
  • Cross: The default name given to the main character and very customizable. Choices include choosing Cross's gender, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, etc. Awakened from a cryogenic stasis pod by Elma.

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