Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles
Xenoblade box artwork wii.png
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Wii
Nintendo New 3DS
Release Date (Wii) North America: April 6, 2012
Europe: August 19, 2011
Japan: June 10, 2010
Australia: September 1, 2011
Release Date (New 3DS) North America: April 2, 2015
Europe: April 2015
Japan: April 2015
Australia: April 2015
Series Xenoblade
Succeeded by Xenoblade Chronicles X
Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Originally released in 2010 for the Wii in Japan, Xenoblade Chronicles would go on to receive a Western release, first in Europe and Australia during the third quarter of 2011 and receive mass critical acclaim.

The game would come to North America on the Wii in April 2012, which depicts a massive sci-fi RPG on the remains of two titans in a world surrounded by endless ocean. The two titans, the Bionis and the Mechonis, would become locked in a titanic battle for survival in ancient times, a battle that raged on until both were motionless.

Many eons later, a new war would rage: a battle against the human-like Homs and mechanical beings known as Mechon, all for the survival of the fittest.

When his home gets attacked by the Mechon, a young scientist named Shulk comes across the Monado, a legendary sword that has the power to damage and defeat the Mechon, as regular Homs weaponry doesn't do much damage to Mechon unless they're Toppled. However, as a result of the attack he would set off to end the fighting by destroying the Mechon.

Along the way Shulk will meet new friends, many residents of Bionis and battle powerful enemies on his way to eventually reach the Mechon Stronghold in hopes of bringing it down.


[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Heroes

  • Dunban: You start the game in a battle at Sword Valley playing as Dunban, who is wielding the Monado at the time, aligned with Mumkhar and Dickson. As a result of the battle, which the Homs would win, Dunban was injured and lost the use of his right arm as a result of using the Monado. A year later (where the story picks up) he would be back to full health but unable to use that arm, so he fights with his one good arm. Uses speed in battle and is very knowledgeable.
  • Shulk: The main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles and a young scientist from Colony 9. He has been studying the Monado to learn its secrets, but little does he know that he'll eventually be studying the Monado in the field!
  • Reyn: A member of the Colony 9 Defence Force and Shulk's best friend. A very muscular character that is protective of Shulk, who isn't as strong. Despite his strength and ability to deal a lot of damage whilst drawing Aggro away from other party members he isn't quite the brightest ether lamp in the colony.
  • Fiora: The little sister of Dunban and longtime friends of both Shulk and Reyn, Fiora tends to take the role of caretaker early in the game, first by giving Dunban some soup, then giving Shulk some food whilst he's out of the lab. But as much as she takes care of her friends and family, in a fight her Arts and Talent Art can cause staggering amounts of damage!
  • Sharla: A medic from Colony 6, Sharla was tasked with protecting a group of survivors that are taking refuge. But when her brother Juju runs off, back towards Colony 6, she proceeds to look for him with the help of Shulk and Reyn. To make matters worse, a Faced Mechon kidnaps him, forcing a rescue attempt with the help of Otharon. As a medic Sharla's specialty is healing and combat from a distance.
  • Melia: Melia Antiqua is a member of the High Entia, a race of human-like individuals that have wings growing on their heads, and a potential successor to the throne of the High Entia, which is held by her father. The group meets her in the Makna Forest, where she was sent to dispatch a Telethia. Her strength in battle is using a variety of Ether-based Arts, which also have some support effects.
  • Riki: Named the Heropon of the Nopon tribe, he meets the group at the behest of Chief Dunga at Frontier Village. His task is to assist Melia and the group in defeating the Telethia that has been spotted in the area. Gets called "furball" by Reyn quite a bit, but in battle he can do a lot of different things, from outright attacking, support, healing, Damage over Time--he's essentially a Jack-of-All-Trades with a lot of HP as well!

[edit] Villains

  • Metal Face: The first Faced Mechon that is encountered in the game, Metal Face leads the Mechon Assault on Colony 9. As a result of said attack Shulk and Reyn depart Colony 9 in pursuit of the assault's leader. At first he doesn't speak, but when encountered a second time he certainly talks a lot! Metal Face uses powerful claws and a beam attack in battle.
  • Egil: The leader of all the Mechon and the self-proclaimed leader of Mechonis, Egil has made a single vow: to destroy the Mechonis whatever the cost that may be. Uses a Gold Faced Mechon in battle.

[edit] Other Characters

  • Dickson: A longtime friend of those in Colony 9 and Dunban's war buddy. Uses an ether rifle of his own in battle.
  • Mumkhar: A cowardly ally of Dunban at the Battle of Sword Valley, insisting on retreating instead of fighting. His motives for this are unclear.
  • Sorean Antiqua: Melia's father and the Emperor of the High Entia, Sorean Antiqua keeps a peaceful rule of his people while preparing for a successor to the throne. But a Mechon Attack at nearby Eryth Sea springs him into action!
  • Kallian: Melia's brother and an advisor to his father, Kallian holds a strong position by the Emperor's side. Has a very strong will.
  • Alvis: A mysterious Homs who can communicate with Shulk through telepathic means. When meeting Shulk for the first time it is also revealed that he too can wield the Monado, and can also receive visions.

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