is the daugther of the Machina chief Miqol, she is Egil's sister and is also the one that develops important item and machines for the Machian citizens, she is also the general Doctor of the whole population as it seems she is the only one left with sufficient medical knowledge to treat her fellow citizens and Bionis people, finally she is the one that tells Shulk that Fiora needs a part of Her metal face or any Metal face in order to keep living as they are not suposed to work outside metal faces.

[edit] Role on the tale

She si the one that makes replicas of the Monado after Shulk loses his (there are five total repiclas of the monado) and is also the one that develops the machine that allows the reversion of the process of becoming a metal face, in other words, her machine allows a metal face to become human, the only known person to have gone trough this process has been Fiora after she was made a Metal Face had Meynith's soul implanted onto her then removed and left as a self aware Machina.

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