Sword Valley

Spoiler.png Even if everything has been predestined, will you not oppose it?

This page contains spoilers pertaining to the plot or storyline of this game. Read on at your own risk, especially if you haven't played this game!

Sword Valley
Location Sword of the Mechonis
Named Areas 17
Skip Travel Points 10
Secret Areas 1
Exits To Valak Mountain
Galahad Fortress
Missable Sidquests 0
Surprise Sidequests 4
Timed Sidequests 4
Total Sidequests 4
Collectopaedia Entries 17
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles

First and foremost, this is where the Spoilers pertaining to the plot of Xenoblade Chronicles really ramp up in intensity and detail. For those who have yet to complete this game, discretion is strongly advised.

Second, after the end of Mechonis Field is reached this area becomes completely inaccessible.


[edit] Description

Sword Valley is known as a place where the Homs and Mechon clash, and it is here where the story begins with the prologue, one year prior to the main story. Command has given the order to retreat, but Dunban convinces Dickson and Mumkhar to stay with him to help fight off the oncoming Mechon forces.

A year later, Dunban returns with Shulk, Reyn and company as they set out to traverse Sword Valley in hopes of reaching Galahad Fortress.

[edit] Story

[edit] Prologue: The Battle of Sword Valley

It is here where the game begins, with Dunban wielding the Monado against an army of Mechon, along with the assistance of Dickson and Mumkhar. The trio have to face three separate waves of Mechon, with a brief break in between battles so the party can restore its HP, which recovers automatically between battles.

After clearing the third wave, a second cutscene plays out, one that depicts how the battle ends, and bringing the story to the present day.

[edit] One Year On: Welcome to the Mechonis

Exiting Valak Mountain, Shulk and friends find themselves at Sword Valley, on the sword of the Mechonis. They are met by Dickson, who has brought equipment that includes new Anti-Mechon weapons. Not a bad idea to pick these up, otherwise Monado Enchant will be needed in every fight.

This is where Dickson is brought up to speed on recent events, including the fact that Egil, the leader of the Mechon forces, is taking people and sticking them inside of the Faced Mechon, with both Mumkhar and Fiora suffering this fate. But it is to that end that they press on: to save Fiora, no matter the cost. After this Alvis leaves with Dickson.

Proceeding onward, gates three through six are locked, and can be optionally opened. The few Story Quests and Surprise quests that are in this area give a considerable amount of EXP, and with the tough trials ahead it would be wise to do them.

Upon reaching the Heavy Machine Depot, Mumkhar encounters the party with a group of Mass-Produced Faces. This time, their weapons are tipped with a poison designed to dissolve anything born from the blood of Zanza. Poison Defence, Paralysis Resist, Good Footing and Daze Resist gems will be very helpful to have for this battle, as all of the attacks from Metal Face will inflict some sort of Status effect.

This is the final battle against Metal Face.

[edit] Second Battle of Sword Valley

After reaching the top of Mechonis Field and defeating Jade Face, the Allied Forces attack, making this area and Galahad Fortress inaccessible for the rest of the play through.

Led by Kallian, Chief Dunga, and Otharon, with Dickson, Alvis and Lorithia in tow, the combined might of the Homs, Nopon and High Entia fight the Mechon forces on the sword as they push to destroy Galahad Fortress. However, the Mechonis awakens, and thanks to Alvis giving an advanced warning, the Allied Forces retreat to Valak Mountain.

[edit] Map

[edit] Mining

[edit] Quests

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Prologue

[edit] Story Enemies

[edit] Additional Enemies

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[edit] Heart-to-Hearts


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