The Slobos

Slobos are large mammals with crystal formations on their backs that inhabit Valak Mountain in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be of some of the highest levels of the regular creatures in the game, and net a large amount of Experience Points, Affinity Points and Skill Points on your first visit of the mountains.

The Slobos are similar in size to Gogols and could be related to Orlugas.


[edit] Levels and Locations

Slobos that appear in the Great Glacier range around level 44-46.

There are also very high level Slobos that appear on the Three Sage Summit that are around the level 99 range. They accompany the Superbosses Final Marcus and Avalanche Abaasy.

[edit] Slobos

Monster Name Level(s) Location(s) Misc.
Krawli Slobos 46 Nofol Tower Day
Krawla Slobos 47 Nofol Tower Night
Glory Slobos 97 Three Sage Summit Day
Gloria Slobos 99 Three Sage Summit Night
Invited Slobos 99 Three Sage Summit Quest
Final Marcus 100 Three Sage Summit Unique Monster

[edit] Fun Facts

As with the rest of the crystals in the Valak Mountain, the ones on the Slobos' backs change color depending on the time of day.

[edit] Gallery

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