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Home Colony 9
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Homs
Hair Blonde
Eye Blue
Voice Actor(s) Shintaro Asanuma (Japan)
Adam Howden (English)
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles
Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U

Shulk is a Homs boy from Colony 9 that spends his days looking for debris that can be made into weapons at Colony 9's Mechon Wreckage Site, then building those weapons at the Weapon Development Lab in the Military District.

He also spends time researching the Monado, which was left to him by Dickson after Dunban lost the use of his right arm at the Battle of Sword Valley.


[edit] Other Appearances

Shulk is a playable character in Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U, revealed as such on August 29, 2014.

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[edit] Battle Style

Shulk style of Battle is that of a support character, he shines on boosting his allies abilities making them stronger in battle and boosting their teamwork, aside this Shulk is a seer like Alvis, he can see for brief periods onto the future and can warn of imminent attacks to the respective party member, aside that he is the only one that can cut Mechon with reliability as he does not depends on the skill of the Monado to enable him to destroy the machine enemies.

[edit] Early Life

Shulk was raised in Colony 9 after he was found in a temple deep within the mountains over the bodies of several of the explorers, including his father and mother. From there Dickson raised him and proved himself a capable mechanic, being the only one other than Dickson who could repair the defense mechanisms of Colony 9. Shulk would eventually start researching the Monado, discovering some of its secrets in the process.

[edit] Attack on Colony 9

Shulk was tasked with collecting some Ether cylinders to restore power to the Mobile Artillery that crashed into a house in the Residential District, as Reyn had been hit with "punishment duty" and Fiora tags along as well.

After reaching the other side of Tephra Cave and the Cylinder Hangar in which the cylinders are located, a pair of Ancient Machines attack, shortly thereafter he will notice smoke rising from Colony 9. They watch in horror as the Mechon attack and lay devastation to his home.

After some failed attempts and detours Shulk finally reaches the Weapons Development Lab, where the Monado is being stored, only to find the entrance blocked. As Shulk and Reyn clear a path for Fiora to get to the Residential District, they find out that Dunban had taken the Monado once again to help repel the Mechon Attack.

As Shulk, Reyn and Dunban are forced to take the long way to the Residential District, they encounter a problem: Dunban drops the Monado in agonizing pain as his body can't take much more of the weapon. Shulk rushes in and picks up the sword to keep the Mechon from getting to it, soon after he starts to be shocked in the same manner as Dunban before him, only for soon after the blade to accept him as the owner.

It is then he truly discovers one of the hidden Abilites of the blade, the power to see onto the future. Evading every Mechon blow and shot he makes short work of all the Mechon around, whilst Dunban pulls out a Katana.

[edit] The Metal Face Mechon

After gaining the Monado Shulk seeks Fiora to rescue her from the trouble he foresaw, only to be interrupted by a giant Metal Faced Mechon who does not seems to suffer from any damage from the Monado whatsoever--he seemed immune to it.

Shulk and company were able to put a decent amount of resistance against him but it was not meant to be. Fiora rushes Metal Face inside the repaired Mobile Artillery to relentlessly attack Metal Face, only to seemingly be killed by said Mechon's claws. Afterwards it flees the scene.

Shulk vows to avenge Fiora and to destroy the Mechon.

[edit] Departing from Colony 9 and the meeting of Sharla

Shulk intended to leave the colony in secret, only for Reyn to surprise him and telling him he will be going with him. After this the duo heads to Tephra Cave intending to reach Colony 6, and then Sword Valley. During his travel trough the cave they find a group of traders from Colony 6 dead. Shulk and Reyn return them to the Bionis, then as Shulk was dreaming Reyn snaps him out of it due to a monster attack: a group of Arachno.

The two of them defeat the group of Arachno, only to encounter some Arachno Pods nearby. Reyn gets caught in an ambush, courtesy of spider thread being sprayed form above, forcing Shulk to play catch-up. Shulk is eventually able to reach him, seeing in a vision that Reyn will die if he doesn't do something. But through his will in the moment he was able to unlock Monado Shield, saving Reyn from death at the claws of the Arachno Queen.

After defeating the Arachno Queen, they emerge on the other side of Tephra Cave, on the Bionis knee. Traveling further, onto the Bionis' Leg, Shulk finds a buggy crashed, and a kid in danger that was being chased by two Berserk Ardun. After killing the two Ardun to stop their attack, he introduces himself as Juju and also reveals he is of Colony 6, revealing to the duo the destruction of the Colony and tells them were the Refugee Camp is.

It is here that Shulk and Reyn meet his elder sister Sharla, who reprimands him because of his recklesness. After Reyn puts the kid in his place, Juju runs off and soon after Shulk gets a vision depicting a grim fate. He warns Sharla of this, who joins the group. Sharla points out the fastest route to where Juju is, on top of Spiral Valley, only to encounter that which is holding Juju in its claws: a Mechon M71. At the outset of this battle Shulk gains a new Monado Art, called Monado Speed, which allows them to dodge the incoming attacks of enemies with ease.

They defeat the M71, but a different Faced Mechon appears, kidnapping Juju and flying off to the remnants of Colony 6.

[edit] Colony 6, Dunban, the strange girl, and the Heropon

The Group eventually reaches Colony 6, choosing to enter via the Ether Mine. Sharla figures that they couldn't have found all the passageways within the span of a month, only to find the place crawling with Mechon. The group encounters Otharn, Sharla's CO. Combined with Otharon, the group launches an attack in the Central Pit, the lowest part of the Ether Mine, in order to save Juju and the rest of the captured Colony 6 residents.

After a major battle against Xord and his minions, Otharon risks it all on a bold move: drop the Faced Mechon in the acid-like substance to greatly damage him. Shulk and Reyn had to scramble to save his live, breaking another vision of someone's death. After a second fight on board the Freight Elevator, in which the party manages to defeat Xord, he leaves the party with some odd and cryptic advice.

The battle wasn't over yet: Metal Face would soon appear outside the mine, but Dunban and Dickson show up at the right moment to join the fight against the Mechon. As the group struggles against Metal Face and a group of Mass-Produced Faces, a Telethia flies down and attacks the Mechon, forcing them to retreat.

On their journey to find Metal Face once again, the group travels through Satorl Marsh, then make their way through part of Bionis' Interior to reach Makna Forest. Crossing a large chasm via rope bridge, they make their way through the jungle-like area and find a strange Homs-like girl unconscious on the ground.

Sharla tells the group that she is still alive, but will need the purest of water ether to be brought back. Shulk volunteers to find a mine by himself, and sets back across the chasm. Making his way down a trail, he finds a large, pure water crystal, but is suddenly attacked by a few Puera Telethia, a strange alien-like creature of which he can not seem to damage. He is met by a strange Hom, who introduces himself as Alvis.

Alvis takes the Monado from Shulk and slays the Telethia. Shulk is in shock seeing someone else control the blade so effortlessly. Alvis gives the Monado back to Shulk, and tells him to concentrate, doing so unlocks yet another ability, called Monado Purge, which can break the creature's ability to read its opponent's movements. He and Alvis engage a few more Puera Telethia, finally defeating them in battle.

Alvis tells Shulk that these creatures are merely drones of the mother Telethia. Reyn finds Shulk at the bottom of the valley, but when Shulk tells him there was another person with him, Reyn looks at him in confusion and disbelief, as they see no one else. They make their way back to the girl, and, giving Sharla the water crystal, she shoots ether into the air, which heals her, and brings her back into consciousness.

After some thanking, introducing, and convincing, the girl introduces herself as Melia Antiqua, and aids the group on their journey to Metal Face, which leads them to Frontier Village, the easiest access point to the Eryth Sea.

In the Frontier Village, they are met by yet another strange character, as the elder requests them to slay the Telethia that is absorbing the ether around them. Agreeing to do so, they are assisted by the Heropon Riki, who is tasked as slaying the "Dinobeast" as payment toward his debt (Riki is a very hungry Nopon, as are his Littlepons.)

The group goes to the Decayed Forest, where the Leone Telethia resides, seeing a ginormous vein of ether crystals that the Telethia is powering up with. They engage the Telethia in battle, becoming the victors after a destructive battle in which they forced it to absorb too much energy, causing it to implode. Making their way back to the village, they notify the Elder, who grants them access to their destination in return, and sends Riki to join the group on their journey, as they leave the Makna Forest to pursue the crazed Mechon.

[edit] The Eryth Sea, and the legendary High Entia

The group finally reach the Eryth Sea, where the infamous Prison Island is located. They reach the city Alcamoth, where they are sent to waiting quarters while Melia goes to talk to the emperor and her father, Sorean, along with her brother Kallian.

It turns out that Melia is actually the next successor to the High Entia throne, but one task was still in order. She was to enter the High Entia Tomb in order to prove her right as the new leader. She agrees to undertake it on her own, entering the dangerous tomb. Shulk, seeing her death in another vision, tries to leave. The group is attacked by Scout Entia, a squad of High Entia assassins loyal to the Bionite Order, but win in the end.

They are then met by Alvis, and tell him they need to save Melia. Alvis warns them the rules strictly say the trials cannot be interrupted by another, but they find a loophole: It doesn't mention interference by Homs. The group make their way to the Tomb, trying to make it to Melia on time. Reyn lets his curiosity get the best of him, and hits a security button which causes them to fall into a pit below, lengthening their trail to Melia.

After finally making it through the trap and enemy-filled trials, they reach Melia, who is being attacked by Tyrea. She brings in a Solidum Telethia to decimate the group, but fails in the end, as they destroy the beast and stop her assassination attempt, but Tyrea escaped. Making their way back out of the tomb, they discover that the Mechon have led a full-on attack against the High Entia, and in the process, Sorean had unlocked the pathway to Prison Island, releasing ancient beasts to combat the Mechon threat. Shulk and the group head toward the island to change his devastating vision.

[edit] The relase of the Monado, the death of the Emperor and the Mystery of Face Nemsis' identity

After the party is able to reach Prison Island they find a huge stone door blocking their entrance. Riki points out that there is a Dinobeast (Telethia) statue, but Melia comments that is how their ancestor could have looked and mentions that the Island had existed before the arrival of the High Entia to the Bionis. After the door opens the party ventures inside and find the main teleporters broken, so they take flame-like teleporters that are dark in appearance.

They slowly rise up to where the Emperor is and a purple giant, who identifies himself as Zanza, is before them. He proceeds to relate that he is the maker of the Monado and so he offer Shulk an option: if he releases him of the prison that the High Entia had cast upon him, Zanza would free the Monado from its shackles, allowing Shulk to damage Faced Mechon, an enemy that had been quite formidable for the heroes until Shulk accepted the offer. However, before Zanza can do more he is struck down by a special spear launched by the Metal Face.

Zanza is then approached by Face Nemesis to what he says he senses thought waves. Nemesis wants to know how many more Zanza will sacrifice, only to get rebuffed by the Giant. Before the conversation can reach any meaning Shulk attempts to attack Nemesis, only to get knocked back by Metal Face.

After defeating Metal Face in the ensuing battle, Shulk goes in for the kill, only for Face Nemesis to jump in front of the strike, taking the brunt of the blow. This knocks the cockpit door off Nemesis, revealing a Homs girl inside: Fiora. Much to everyone's dismay she does not seems to recognize any of the original trio (Shulk, Dunban and Reyn) and she, along the rest of the Mechon forces withdraw from the place.

With Prison Island deserted Alvis approaches the spear and begins to talk with Zanza as if they were old friends, despite the Giant's body being non-existent his spirit was still talking, and so Alvis disappears.

On the imperial palace Melia, now Empress of the High Entia, puts her brother in charge as a regent, and then proceeds to ask Shulk and Riki to be ambassadors for the Hom and Nopon, thinking now that the High Entia cannot fight alone: an alliance is needed. Shulk begs for time to think it over and so goes to speak to Dunban, after some small talk Dunban gives his approval for Shulk to marry Fiora.

After some more talking Shulk heads to the Imperial Palace and rejects the offer, after they have said their goodbyes Sharla delivers a small surprise by telling Melia one of her deepest secrets, she (Melia) is in love with Shulk and then Sharla withdraws. Melia's brother proposes to her an interesting idea, in order for her to be able to grow as an Empress she needs to travel around Bionis, and what better way than with the party?

Since her looks are unknown to her people Kallian was able to put a double in her place in the city while she leaves, after this their trip to Sword Valley starts.

[edit] Valak Mountains, The House of the Monado, The Envoy of Meyneth

As soon as the party Land again on Malrak forest they go up a small hill and reach the frozen desert, the Valak mountains, after much traveling they reach a Tower Alvis pointed however they find that the tower entrance is frozen so they go to search a magma stone to melt the ice and gain acess, once they are inside of the tower Alvis reveals that it is the place of resting of the Monado, this is also were Dickson found Shulk and where the Seers ritual takes place, after this the part heads futher in on the mountains and encounter the Silver Metal Face but they are unable to Chat as the Clawed Metal Face descends and destroys part of the Silver Metal Face at the time he jumps out of his Metal Face revealing himself to Mumkhar, one of Dunban's brother in arms and the one who was presumed death, Mumkhar reveals that all he wanted was the Monado, power and glory, he joined the Mechon to get Power, after being defeated a third Machina shows up a Golden giant (giant by Metal Faces standards) Metal Face, the owner of it introduces himself as Egil, the leader of all Metal Faces and Mechon, envoy of Meyneth and nemesis of bionis.

[edit] Sword Valley Galahad Fortress and Hidden village of the Machina

Once the party arrives to Sword valley they start a series of covert missions to open the gates and take one by one the outposts, after doing this several times they are faced by Mumkhar near galahad fortress, the party swiftly defeats him and Dunban was determined to kill him but Shulk stops him before he lands the final hit, however Mumkhar is determined also to kill Dunban and Shulk but irony has it that he misses the target and is badly damaged by one of the anti ether spears and he falls down the the chasm were he implodes terminating once and for all the betrayer, the party infiltrates galahad fortress and eventually is able to reach the hangar were the Silver Metal face (now revealed to be the Nemesis Metal Face) is and also were Egil Metal face is he forces a battle and uses a new system called apocrypha to stop the monado in it's tracks after a long and difficult battle the party is cornered, yet Meyneth/Fiora are able to snap out of the control of Egil but she choses a suicidal apporach to take down egil, the ensuing excplosion splits the group, during this time Shulk is reunited with Fiora they start exploring and Fiora starts breaking down much to Shulk's concern but before anything else can happen two new Mechon types arrive both of them are sufficient threat to Shulk since The Monado is now disabled Reyn and Sharla hear the battle and rush to help Shulk just in time since he was able to bend the Monado to his will, afgter the figth the party explores futher the area and finds the hidden village at the same type as Dunban, Riki and Melia arrive there, after some quick chat,the Machina Doctor notices fiora's problems with her body she tasks the party with finding a special piece so she can function outside a metal face, after recovering the part Fiora is good as new and they go to see the Junks Chief Eqol Egil's father, he makes a request to the party that they kill his son to stop the war of Bionis inhabitants and the Mechons.

[edit] Mechonis, Gadolt, Vanea and the Machina Capital

The geroup arrives at Mechonis and finds they need to start a series of elevators to progress futher in after doing so they also find several exhaust areas that allow them to move upward in the Mechonis after repeating this process they reach a new area a huge long corridor and Shulk is able to save the lives of his firends by sensing that a explosion is nearing them, this came from a new Metal Face, but not any generic Metal Face, it belongs to Gadolt of Colony 6, Sharal's lover and the one who taugth her how to be a sniper, a battle ensues and after the party is able to defeat him he start by unleashing a new weapon, only to be saved by Meyneth powers, soon after they meet Vanea, egil's sister and she offers the party a route to travel to mechonis capital once there they find the story of mechonis, Zanza suddendly unleashed devastation upon them and that is the reason for egil's hatred.

After several scenes the party needs to activate four pillars, after doing so they can reach the elevator, once there they figth egil, in vain since he retreats onto the Mechonis core there he starts activating the Mechonis, the aprt is saved by junks and are informed they need to infiltrate the mechonis core to stop both the apocrypha generator and Egil.

[edit] The Mechonis core, the pain of those who againts Zanza's Monado and the Betrayal

Once the party arrives to the core of the mechonis, Shulk starts suffering from electroshocks coming from the monado, similar to what happened to Dunban at the battle of Sword Valley, this causes the party to worry but Vanea dismises it as over work from Shulk by the use of the Monado while is under the influence of the apocrypha, Shulk quickly recovers and soon they are faced with teh apocrypha generator, after it is destroyed the Monado enlarges itself and becomes more powerful than it was before, the party goes to figth Egil, after his defeat, Shulk is prompted by the voice of zanza to kill him, to destroy egil but Shulk is able to figth back his influence and starts talking with Egil who becomes once again hopeful that peace between Mechonis and Bionis is possible, but Dickson betrays the party by shooting Shulk and freeing Zanza, then the newly reborn God declares shulk was nothing but a puppet to him, that he shall start the rite of reconstruction so that he can recreate the universe as he sees fit, Fiora/Meyneth however start by quickly interfiring with the god and soon after the godess abandons her host body to figth Zanza as Equals, this only leads to a disaster Meyneth is killed, her monado stolen, the party runs with Shulk but is siwftly confronted by Dickson and one of the other disciples of Zanza they both reveal that the High entheletia have a gene that wehne xposed to a certainf recuency of ether and quantity of said matter they will revert to being telethia, the only one who is not affected is Melia since she is 80% hom and also because the genetic plan of the high entheletia finally was able to remove said gene from her blood, aftet his Melia's brother launches on a suicide attack and gives the party an opportunity to escape the battle.

[edit] The Second strike on Colony 6, The renewal of the Chosen one and The Fall of the Disciple

The party is able to escape the Mechonis just in time while Egil tried to attack the Bionis to give the world a chance againts Zanza. Egil failed and the party was able to reach Colony 6 with no real problems, Shulk is unconcious and Egil makes a Monado replica for him and Fiora leaves it next to him. In the mean time Melia goes out of the Colony to get some air and is approached by Fiora and they have a little chat about Shulk's condition, soon after this happens Dickson is leading a new attack and this time it is on Colony 6. The party tries to defend themselves but the offensive does not last. In the mean time Alvis is communicating with Shulk, he gives Shulk two options, let himself be part of the river of fate or become an anomaly at the margin of it. Soon after Shulk rushes to save the party still showing his visions leaving Dickson astonished. He then tells them they should head to the Bionis interior.

[edit] Bionis Interior and Prison Tower

The party travels to the chest cavity of the Bionis, there the second of the disciple shows herself again and taunts the party that as long as the heart of the Bionis beats, Zanza cannot be stopped. The party finds multiple telethia around the place and fights their way to the heart chamber. There they find Melia's Brother, now a full Telethia who is forced to fuse with the disciple. After defeating her she dies, leaving only one more place to go. Dickson tells them to go to prison island to battle him. There they face multiple traps and several opponents. Once they climb to the top Dickson starts a battle, after a set amount of damage he will knock the party out, he will taunt them again until Shulk and Fiora start glowing with an aura similar to that of Zanza and Meyneth, a new fight ensues and Dickson ends it after he is given a severe chest wound. As the party heads to the universe Dickson feels proud of Shulk and Fiora and dies with a last smoke.

[edit] The Universe , The Fall of Zanza, The birth of a new God and the Birth of a new world

The part arrives at an unknown location but as they transit the area they see several of the Solar system planets, they keep going until they find Zanza who now has left any similarity to Shulk behind, the first battle ensues and is finished soon after, Zanza explains he wished for friends, he longed for friendship but that it was no longer possible as his creations rebelled against him, Shulk now at the peak of his power shatters his replica Monado only for a pure energy Monado to be born, Zanza in disbelief exclaims it's impossible, that there shouldn't be a new Monado nor a god, as the deity is slain. Alvis asks of Shulk what he will do, he chooses a world with no Gods, a world where anything can happen, and so Shulk was reborn as the new deity, though he does not makes a display of his powers it can be assumed he still has them, in the ending we see most of the important characters returning to a routine of sorts and Fiora looking around Colony 9 for Shulk, in the end we see her finding him, and showing a new haircut in the mean time. Riki, Sharla, Juju and Reyn are trying to catch a fish and fail, Riki goes a bit berserk when reminded that his wife will not be exactly happy if he does not bring food to the table, finally Shulk and Fiora remember Alvis' last message, that the world now is infinite and has a number of possibilities and that is up to them to preserve them and make them true.

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