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Sharla is a Hom that the group finds on the Bionis Leg after saving her little brother, Juju. She was employed under the Colony 6 Defense Force as a Medic, but is a deadly shot with her trusted Sniper Rifle.


[edit] Meeting

After Shulk and Reyn make their way to the Bionis Leg, they find a buggy broken down next to a stream. After Shulk gets a vision, the two immediately set out to find the young boy who owns the buggy, and to save him from two Berserk Arduns. After an intense fight between the creatures, the two save the boy, who thanks them, then introduces himself.

They make their way back to the vehicle, and after repairing it, the three head out to a refugee camp not far away. Finally arriving at the camp, they meet Juju's sister, Sharla. They invite the two to rest in the camp, but after a dispute, Juju runs off to Colony 6.

[edit] Saving Juju

Shulk, seeing a terrible vision of him, runs off with Reyn to save him. Sharla follows, and the three hurriedly makes their way to save him. After finding him on a rock above a valley, they fight a Mechon M71, a large tentacled Mechon. Shulk, learning a new Monado Art, Reyn, and Sharla defeat the Mechon, but they are then visited by another metal face: Xord. After a brief battle, Xord takes Juju and disappears, causing Sharla to join them to get her brother back.

They make their way to Colony 6, and down to the colony's Ether Mine. After finally reaching the bottom of Central Pit, they engage in battle with Xord, who has the ability to call countless Mechon to his aid. After finally taking him down, they find Juju, and save him, but not before Xord tries to kill the whole group once again.

His attack is countered by Otharon, who battles him in a giant mech suit. Otharon almost falls in the river of ether with Xord, but Shulk, seeing the event in a vision, immediately goes to save him, but is also almost sucked into the pit before being saved by Reyn. The group gets Juju, and take the service elevator back up the shaft, but not until engaging an ether-filled Xord once again.

[edit] Sharla and Gadolt

Sharla mentions Gadolt many times throughout the story, and would have been married to him if not for the Mechon attack on Colony 6, along with being a father figure to Juju. She misses him dearly, as he was one of the people to disappear after defending Colony 6 from the Mechon. She acquires his sniper rifle from Otharon later in the story, and holds onto it as a keepsake.

Much later in the story, they encounter Gadolt in yet another metal face, but to the surprise of the group he's been completely brainwashed. After battling the metal face and Egil, the group has to evacuate the Mechonis, but can't escape on time.

Fortunately, the powers of Lady Meyneth stored within Fiora's body, Gadolt-along with the other Homs reconfigured to operate inside Face Mechon Units-were freed from Egil's control with their memories restored, some of which were thought to be destroyed forever during the transition. Gadolt, realizing that the group wouldn't make it, uses Jade Face to block the explosion, sacrificing his life so the group can escape Mechonis.

[edit] Fighting Style

Sharla has a very unique fighting style for a character that wields a gun. Although she does utilize damage, her main means of battle is that of a support character. Having a special sniper rifle that can infuse its bullets with ether, she can heal others as opposed to hurting them. She doesn't have much health, so her utilization of range is recommended, she also has an ability that decreases the aggro on her. Her talent art does not deal damage, but actually decreases the heat on her gun, if it rises too high, she will be unable to attack, so keeping an eye on heat level is of utmost importance. On top of healing and damage, she can also increase a character's tension, aura duration, and shield them from attacks for a limited time. When it comes to healing and support, no other character is better than Sharla.

Sharla does possess a move that has a 15% chance to instantly kill a target: Head Shot. She learns this physical art at Level 42, which is a guaranteed Critical Hit, and a 15% chance to instantly kill a target if it is suffering from the status Daze.

Generally, the best way to go for this is the Break/Topple/Daze combo. Sharla can afflict Break with Metal Blast and Daze on a Toppled foe with Head Shaker, provided the effects take place.

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