Satorl Marsh

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Satorl Marsh
Satorl marsh.jpg
Entering Satorl Marsh at night
Location Bionis' Waist
Named Areas 22
Skip Travel Points 8
Secret Areas 1
Exits To Colony 6
Bionis' Interior
Missable Sidquests 0
Mutually Exclusive Sidequests 0
Timed Sidequests 2
Total Sidequests 23
Collectopaedia Entries 22
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles


[edit] Description

Satorl Marsh, positioned on the waist of the Bionis, is populated by a number of monsters, a fog that never dissipates, and fauna that have found ways to thrive in the fog. One of the more stunningly gorgeous sights in the game is this area at night, when the ether released from the swamp creates a beautiful shimmer.

In terms of structures, there's nothing permanent: a camp of Nopon traders and ruins of the High Entia and Giants are all that dot the landscape. The only other "permanent" resident: a Nopon Hermit who later reveals himself as a black marketeer.

[edit] Story

[edit] The Climb to the Upper Regions

Guided by Dickson and joined by Otharon and Juju, the party leaves Colony 6 for the upper regions via Satorl Marsh. Walking through the marshland, they encounter a Nopon Merchant's Camp before stopping to rest at the Glowing Obelisk.

Eventually the party wades through waist-deep water to reach the Sororal Statues, which is where Dickson has to go back, but not without revealing the way up. Otharon and Juju also depart, as they seek to rebuild Colony 6.

An ancient, High Entia Coming-Of-Age ceremony has to be completed in order to climb to the upper regions. The four offerings that are needed can be found in the following locations: Igna Territory, Altar of Fate, Dark Swamp and Basin Cave. After bringing these four back to the adulthood emblem, defeat the Satorl Guardian and the way forward will open.

There's an elevator but it won't work for a while. Actually, the item you'll need can't be obtained until completing a quest that isn't available until after the events of Mechonis Core, so you'll have to make use of wall vines and occasional jumping to reach the Statue Summit.

[edit] Post-Mechonis Core

After the events of Mechonis Core, some of the High Entia that fled Alcamoth will have landed near the Sororal Statues, and while most will remain for the rest of the game some can be invited to come to Colony 6 if they weren't invited prior to Mechonis Core.

[edit] Map

[edit] Mining

[edit] Quests

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Story Enemies

[edit] Quest-Exclusive Enemies

[edit] Additional Enemies

[edit] Items

[edit] Heart-to-Hearts

  • The Shimmering Marsh
  • High Entia History
  • Atop the Crown Tree
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