The Heiropon Riki, a small, furry creature of the race known as Nopon. He is the only party member that is not Humanoid, and is unusually charismatic.


[edit] The Heiropon

After reaching Makna Forest, and rescuing Melia, the group makes their way to the Frontier Village, as Melia tells the group it's the best way to access the Eryth Sea. Reaching the village, the elder tells them about the Telethia, then puts the "Heiropon" Riki under their watch, as his slaying of the large creature is, in their view, his way of repaying his debt. The group makes it to the Telethia, and defeats the beast in an intense battle, then heads back to the Frontier Village. The rest of the villageers, impressed by the feat, agree to show the group the way to the Eryth Sea. Riki decides he would rather stay with the group on their adventures, and leaves his Wifeypon and Littlepons behind.

[edit] Fighting Style

Riki is considered the gamebreaker of Xenoblade, as he has tons of status effects, dps attacks, and a very strong multi-healing spell. On top of that he has high HP, moderately high Damage, and above average Physical and Ether defense. He also has an ability that increases the party guage, and one that deals spike damage whenever he is hit. With all these combined, Riki can easily deal with any situation that the team may come across.

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