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Home Colony 9
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Homs
Hair Auburn
Eye Brown
Voice Actor(s) Eiji Miyashita (Japan)
Jay Taylor (English)
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles

Reyn is the best friend of Shulk, and sworn to protect him on his travels no matter the cost. He carries an enormous and devastating Gunlance with a retractable Shield. He can sometimes be childish, but always has the interest of his partners set before all others.


[edit] Colony 9

Like many of the other Homs, Reyn lives in Colony 9, when the story begins, he is training under the military. He sets out to find Shulk, who is scavenging for scraps in the wastes of the fields. That same day, he wanders down to the laboratory of Shulk, and fidgets with the Monado, while no one else is around. He loses control of the weapon after being caught by Shulk and Fiora, this is where the trio learns of the Monado's unique ability to annihilate anything mechanical, but not even scratch those that are flesh-and-blood.

A Mechon attack destroys the city's defenses, and kills some of Reyn's military companions in the process. Enraged, he and Shulk fight their way to the laboratory with Fiora, only to find the way blocked off. Fiora leaves the group to refuel a Mobile Artillery that crashed into a house in the Residential District in an attempt to blow the blockage away.

Reyn and Shulk get split from Fiora, as a group of Mechon attack. Dunban joins the group quickly after, and they set off for an alternate route to Fiora. After making their way through the city, and across the bridge (where Dunban loses the Monado once again, and Shulk claims it to defeat the Mechon,) they finally make their way to Fiora, and fight a large, unique Mechon they call Metal Face. After failing to defeat him, he stabs Fiora, and throws her aside, then leaves the group.

Shulk, in rage, swears to find the Metal Faced Mechon, and exact revenge on Fiora. Reyn agrees to accompany him to wherever his quest may take him.

[edit] Reyn's Development and Realization

At the start of the game, Reyn is a childish joker who seems to be always out to have fun, while he retains this attitude through most of the game, he probably goes through the biggest change of any character. Towards the middle of the game, after the fortress of Sword Valley falls, he comes to the realization that he promised to protect Shulk, but Shulk ended up protecting him instead. Reyn gets the feeling that he is not needed anymore, but thanks to some positive words from Sharla, he presses on. After he and Sharla save Shulk and Fiora from a Mechon attack, Shulk reassures Reyn that he is needed just as much as the rest of the group. His confidence is restored, and he goes back to the humorous, fun Reyn that everyone knows and loves.

[edit] Fighting Style

As the only character who can equip Heavy Armor without the need of skill links, Reyn is a very defensive fighter. He is best when he draws the aggro of the enemies toward him, and soaks up damage. While his ether defense isn't the highest, his physical defense is something to be reckoned with. Just because he fights defensively, doesn't mean he can't hold his own when dishing out damage, as his Sword Drive deals an extreme amount of damage, and Lariat deals devastatingly large damage to an area of enemies. On top of this, he has abilities that increase defense, one certain stance that cuts down damage drastically, and skills that increase his aggro gain.

[edit] Fun Facts

Based off the end-game cutscene, Reyn seems to be a terrible fisher.

Reyn may possibly have two of the most popular battle quotes in the whole game, so much so, that they seem to have their own memes: "Now it's Reyn Time!" and "What a buncha Jokahs!"

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