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Mumkhar is the ally of Dunban and Dickson, a coward, traitor, and a tyrant. He is revealed later on to be Metal Face.

[edit] Battle of Sword Valley

Mumkhar joins his allies Dunban and Dickson to fight off the Mechon horde. The three push the enemy back with Dunban's power of the Monado, but things turn for the worse as the three become overpowered. Mumkhar desperately flees, then looks back in amusement, as he promises he will be back for the Monado.

[edit] Valak Mountain

As the group makes their way down Valak Mountain, on their trail to Sword Valley, they are once again met by Metal Face. The mechon finally reveals himself as none other than Mumkhar, who challenges the group to a fight to the death. Shulk and his friends win, but Mumkhar, defeated and ashamed, assumes Metal Face once again, and leaves toward Sword Valley.

[edit] Sword Valley Revisited

The group makes their way to Sword Valley, where they are set to finish Mumkhar once and for all, finally meeting him, they begin in battle. After a certain amount of his health is reduced, the fight ends abruptley, and Dunban goes in for the kill, but Shulk stops him. Not being able to kill another Hom, no matter how corrupt he is, he talks Dunban down from his anger. Mumkhar takes this moment to attempt to kill them once again, but fails, as a piece of the tower breaks off, and stabs him. The floor gives in under him, and he plummets to his death somewhere below Galahad Fortress.

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