Homs are the equivalent of Humans on the Xenoblade universe, they seem to inhabit the areas surrounding the Bionis Leg, and seem to one point have been distributed onto several colonies. Since there are two Homs settlements, called Colony 9 and Colony 6, it would seem that at one point there were more colonies, but those were believed to have been destroyed by the Mechon. Amongst Homs there is a small creed of sorts that is "what comes from the Bionis must be returned to the Bionis". They are amongst one of three sentient populations on Bionis: the other two being the Nopon and the High Entia.

The Homs also seem to be the second most advanced race of the Bionis, the High Entheletia being on top and the Nopons being on the bottom (this is demonstrated by their city that is floating on the air, while the Homs are still on ground and are dependent on ether crystal while the Nopons instead use nature to build their homes).

Zanza reveals at a later point that the Homs were indeed created to his image, but like all creatures of Bionis they should serve as his food to make him grow stronger and powerful.

Notable Homs are: Shulk, Reyn, Sharla, Dunban and Fiora.

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