High Entia Tomb

Spoiler.png Even if everything has been predestined, will you not oppose it?

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High Entia Tomb
Location Eastern Eryth Sea
Named Areas 11
Skip Travel Points 6
Secret Areas 0
Exits To Eryth Sea
Total Sidequests 0
Collectopaedia Entries 7
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles


[edit] Description

High Entia Tomb won't be accessible until after certain events are completed in the story. It is here, on the Eastern-most part of Eryth Sea, that Melia will face a test to prove her worthiness as successor to the High Entia throne, but hidden in the shadows is a plot to take her out!

Can Shulk and his friends get there in time?

[edit] Story

[edit] To The Rescue!

It is this tomb in which the remains of the previous emperors of the High Entia reside. Within its halls, a system is set up to provide a test, one that proves how worthy a potential successor is. At the time of Xenoblade Chronicles that test hadn't been used for a very long time due to the dangers of the test: many potential successors had died during the ritual.

This tomb also houses some secret treasures, along with a secret laboratory that cannot be accessed until very late in the game.

Shulk would have a vision, depicting Melia getting killed by an assassin and a Telethia during the events of her trial. They have no choice but to come to her aid with the assistance of Alvis. However, at the entrance, Reyn stupidly hits a button that triggers a security device, dropping the party down a pit, placing them farther away from Melia.

Around this time Melia is fighting through enemy drones placed in the path of her trial, eventually reaching a program that houses one of her ancestors' memories. This program runs a scan of Melia, and indicates that the percentage of Homs DNA integrated with the High Entia DNA, acknowledging Melia as the true successor.

It is during this exchange that Tyrea attacks Melia, and is holding off her attacks until a Telethia appears, but Shulk and the rest are able to reach Melia before the assassination can be successful.

After their defeat, Alivs keeps the Telethia from killing them all with a self-destruct, but in the confusion Tyrea makes her escape.

[edit] Hidden Rooms

[edit] First Visit

One of the hidden chambers can be accessed on the first visit. While going here will be needed to complete the quest Starlight Gazer, collecting the treasure is a good idea anyway because within is the Level 10 Art Book for Summon Bolt, the first such Art Book that becomes available in the game.

This room is found between the Valley of Emperors and , on a secret passageway to the North end of the corridor, but the High Entia Treasure is guarded by a Calm Anzabi--a fight will be necessary if you don't open it quick enough!

[edit] Post-Mechonis Core

After the events of Mechonis Core, a quest will lead you to a hidden laboratory that can only be accessed with the High Entia Emblem, a reward for completing The Imperial Ceremony, a quest that doesn't become available until post-Mechonis Core.

[edit] Map

[edit] Mining

There aren't any places to mine for Ether Crystals in the High Entia tomb, but enemies can drop Ether Cylinders and Ether Crystals after battle.

[edit] Quests

There aren't any sidequests received in the High Entia Tomb, but some of the sidequests received in the area involve coming to the High Entia Tomb for various items.

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Story Enemies

[edit] Additional Enemies

  • See High Entia Tomb/Monsters for a complete list of Monsters in the High Entia Tomb, along with Quest-Exclusive and Unique Monsters.

[edit] Items

[edit] Heart-to-Hearts

  • Hopes and Plans
  • Echoes of Ancient Times
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