High Entia

The High Entia are a humanoid species that live in the Bionis, they have much more advanced technology than the one in possesion of the Hom or Ponpons, they are a highly aristocratic society ruled by an Emperor (or Empress).

As mentioned before they are mostly Humanoid and are fully capable of interbreeding with Homs giving birth to half blood High Entia who because of their Hom blood have shorter wings. It is known that in a particular case the wings the child of a Hom and a High Entia were so short that the child could be confused with a Hom the child being Melia.

It's important to mention that there is an open racism regarding the half bloods, characters such as Yumea, Tyrea, Lorithia, and Lesunia show contempt at the half bloods, there is also a fanatical order of High Entia who despise half bloods The Bionite Order that was dissolved by the 47th Emperor of the High Entia however the order simply relocated to the shadows.

The reason of why Half Bloods exist despite the cultural stigma it carries is linked to the true origin of the High Entia that is to say the Telethia creatures, Zanza at one point bored with his creation chose to give them intelligence, when a pure blood High Entia is exposed to large amounts of Ether he or she will revert to being a Telethia, however this only applies to the High Entia whose blood is closer to being more pure than the others.

The Ether exposure is also the reason why the Monado is considered an object of danger in the society (despite they not really knowing why is that and only certain key figure heads posses the knowledge for it), a good portion of the High Entia Civilization is wiped out during the events of the game since Zanza choses to revert all of them to being Telethia, leaving only a few of mixed blood High Entheletia alive thus in the end providing proof that the mixing of blood was the correct path of survival, as the Half Blood can live as much as a pure High Entia but with no risk or danger of transforming into a Telethia.

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