Galahad Fortress

Spoiler.png Even if everything has been predestined, will you not oppose it?

This page contains spoilers pertaining to the plot or storyline of this game. Read on at your own risk, especially if you haven't played this game!

Galahad Fortress
Location Hilt of the Mechonis' Sword
Named Areas 14
Skip Travel Points 5
Secret Areas 0
Exits To Sword Valley
Fallen Arm
Story Quests 4
Total Sidequests 4
Collectopaedia Entries 7
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles

First and foremost, this is where the Spoilers pertaining to the plot of Xenoblade Chronicles really ramp up in intensity and detail. For those who have yet to complete this game, discretion is strongly advised.

Second, after the end of Mechonis Field is reached this area becomes completely inaccessible.


[edit] Description

Galahad Fortress is the front-line base from which the Mechon assault various locations on the Bionis. It is believed that the attacks on Colony 9, Colony 6 and Eryth Sea all launched from this base.

During the prologue the fortress wasn't believed to have been completed, however it is apparent, one year on, that the fortress had been completed. It serves to protect the rest of the Mechonis from any sort of assault from the Bionis.

Shulk, Reyn, Dunban, Sharla, Melia and Riki are here for more than one reason than to smash the fortress: they're on a rescue mission.

[edit] Story

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[edit] Saving Seven

Having defeated Metal Face for good, the party continues into the fortress. The party has to activate various switches and complete a variety of objectives highlighted in Story Quests in order to proceed to the next floor.

While doing this, the party must be careful to not fall into the ether pools. Those will hurt; those who have trouble with this may want to consider equipping Terrain Defence gems to reduce the amount of damage taken.

Also, some of the Mechon, more particularly the Unique Monsters, will use a variety of Spike effects, so Spike Defence gems and Monado Purge will be a must.

Eventually, the party comes across Face Nemesis, who hesitantly attacks the party. In this quest the Mechon around her have to be defeated in order to proceed. Dunban calls for a retreat, which Shulk reluctantly goes along with. However, their retreat gets cut off when the floor gives out from under them, and they fall to where Egil is waiting with a squad of Mechon.

Egil activates a trap, deactivating the power of the Monado, making Monado Arts unusable for this battle. Egil forces Face Nemesis to obey, forcing a battle against the party. The battle ends relatively quickly, however it appears that all hope was lost.

But what happens next doesn't go according to Egil's plan. Seven's voice, who was still within her own body, begged Meyneth to help save the Heir to the Monado and others. The ensuing fight with Egil causes destruction to a large swath of Galahad Fortress, leaving the room they were all in to fall apart, exposing an abyss below with nowhere to go!

The party falls, but not without Shulk jumping after Face Nemesis, with Seven still trapped in the Mechon.

[edit] The Allied Force

After reaching the top of Mechonis Field and defeating Jade Face, the Allied Forces attack, making this area and Galahad Fortress inaccessible for the rest of the play through.

Led by Kallian, Chief Dunga, and Otharon, with Dickson, Alvis and Lorithia in tow, the combined might of the Homs, Nopon and High Entia fight the Mechon forces on the sword as they push to destroy Galahad Fortress. However, before the Allied Force can even reach Galahad Fortress, the Mechonis awakens, and thanks to Alvis giving an advanced warning, the Allied Forces retreat to Valak Mountain.

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