Frontier Village

Spoiler.png Even if everything has been predestined, will you not oppose it?

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Frontier Village
The Prophecy Hut towards the top of the Village
Location Bionis' Back
Named Areas 22
Skip Travel Points 8
Secret Areas 0
Exits To Makna Forest
Eryth Sea
Missable Sidquests 0
Mutually Exclusive Sidequests 6
Timed Sidequests 5
Total Sidequests 84
Collectopaedia Entries 6
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles


[edit] Description

Frontier Village is the lone Nopon settlement, set inside the largest--and said to be the oldest--tree in Makna Forest. Everything that the Nopon use in this massive tree is made from natural materials, from the pollen orbs to the lighting and more!

This area is unique as it is the only one in Xenoblade Chronicles in which two characters join the party. In the Japanese version of the game this location was known as Saihate Village.

[edit] Story

[edit] One Massive Treehouse

After finding and healing Melia, the rest of the group reach Frontier Village. Melia requests to speak with Chief Dunga, the village's chief.

Dunga inquires about her efforts in the region, but after a brief argument with Shulk and company she storms off. She can be found towards the top of Frontier Village. While Melia continues to insist that she won't need any help in defeating and slaying the Telethia that escaped, Chief Dunga suggests that she accepts help from her new friends. Reluctantly, Melia agrees to this.

However, Chief Dunga also wants to lend a hand by sending their finest warrior to join the group as a means of ensuring their safety. At the Sacred Altar, Chief Dunga introduces this year's Heropon: Riki, whose entrance has him land right on Reyn, then get bounced around like a beach ball before Reyn hits the Heropon with a volleyball-like spike, knocking Riki out momentarily.

This draws the ire of the village, who start throwing mushrooms at the Sacred Altar until Chief Dunga tells them all to settle down!

As for Riki, he does have a family withing the village: Oka, and several Littlepon, or children. One thing the Heropon doesn't lack is confidence and heart, along with saying the right things at the right time!

Once the Leone Telethia is defeated, you're led to Apex Lake, which is where the transport to Eryth Sea is located.

[edit] Post-Mechonis Core

After the events of Mechonis Core, some of the High Entia that escaped Alcamoth will have relocated to Frontier Village B1. One of those High Entia will have a sidequest involving a return to the Capital to find something buried, but a fight against a Level 90 enemy is required.

[edit] Map

[edit] Mining

There are no Ether Deposits that can be mined in Frontier Village.

[edit] Quests

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Items

[edit] Heart-to-Hearts

  • At the Pollen Works
  • Life's Hard for a Heropon
  • True Natures
  • A Mysterious Sanctuary
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