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Fiora is the sister of Dunban and best friend of Shulk. She often cooks food for Shulk, and while he's grateful for the thought Fiora doesn't think he has any sense of taste.


[edit] Story

[edit] Colony 9 and Mechon Invasion

Fiora used to be an errand girl of Colony 9 and the one who took care of Dunban after he had lost control of the Monado (and the use of his right arm). She is presented to the player as taking care of Dunban and-after some convincing-she goes to the deliver some food to Shulk. While they are sitting on the park the Debris siren goes off, so they head to Shulk's lab to escape said debris, cutting their visit short.

Reyn starts messing with the Monado and activates it, the blade going out of control, damaging all sorts of equipment in the lab, but when it appears as if the blade is about to slash Fiora, the blade deflects away. Reyn loses his grip on the weapon and it clatters to the floor. She questions angrily to Shulk the reason of why he is not worried about her not being hurt by the blade, to which he responds that the Monado can only cut machines, not biological beings.

Reyn had been assigned to collect ether cylinders to refuel the Mobile Artillery that had crashed in the Residential District, and heads off with Shulk in tow. Fiora catches up with them, as they had forgot something to carry the ether cylinders in, and follows them through Tephra Cave. Once the group reaches the Cylinder Hangar, the group has to fight off two Ancient Machines, which activated for a reason not immediately known, but then the group sees smoke rising from Colony 9.

The colony was under attack by the Mechon, the party splits up twice. Once for Fiora to check on Dunban, and a second time for Fiora to get the Ether Cylinder to the Mobile Artillery. She is seen later controlling the Mobile Artillery to try and take down Metal Face, only to be killed.

[edit] The Truth Behind her Death

It is shown during a later portion of the game that Fiora is alive, but she is not herself, she is shown to be in a Mechon body called Face Nemesis, with her voice and personality having been greatly altered. It is eventually revealed she is not "Fiora" but rather Lady Meyneth, the goddess of the Machina and the true leader of the Mechonis.

She reveals she was forcefully transferred from her body to Fiora's and tries to keep helping the party but then she is kidnapped by Metal Face, who is revealed to be none other than Mumkhar. Not only is he alive but has been transformed into a Face Mechon himself, and he is the one who led the attack on Colony 9. Egil shows up in his Face Mechon Yaldabaoth to take Fiora back to Galahad Fortress

[edit] Fiora's Rescue

The group would reach Galahad Fortress with one objective in mind: rescue Fiora from Egil's grasp. The task would not be easy, as the group would have to defeat Mumkhar for the last time, and deeper in the fortress, survive a battle against a group of Mechon whilst Face Nemesis was in the area. Dunban orders the group to retreat when it's apparent that Fiora wouldn't be able to snap out of it, but their retreat is cut off, forcing a final showdown involving Face Nemesis and a fight against Yaldabaoth.

During this battle, it would seem as if Egil was about to wipe them all out, but Fiora's spirit helped Lady Meyneth break through the control that Egil had on Face Nemesis. The two Faced Mechon would clash, but Face Nemesis would be severely damaged, as would the fortress. As Face Nemesis fell from the platform, Shulk jumped off in pursuit.

Shulk reawakens on a beach on the Mechonis and rescues an unconscious Fiora from the remains of Face Nemesis. He gets her some water, and after a kiss, Fiora awakens.

Shulk starts to explain who he is, but it becomes apparent that Fiora remembers everything. The two embrace. As they go to find where everyone else landed, he starts to notice that she is not doing well. After fighting off some Mechon thanks to a well-timed reunion with Reyn and Sharla, Fiora is taken to the Hidden Machina Village. It is here that Linada, the current leader of the Machina informs the party that Fiora is dying because a certain core part of the Metal Faces is not present within her so she cannot function properly.

Shulk goes to find said pieces from the fallen Metal Face, and after succeeding Fiora and Sharla-who stayed with Fiora-return to the party.

[edit] The Home Stretch

In the Mechonis Core, after Egil's defeat, and the cowardly actions of Dickson, it is revealed that Fiora had Lady Meyneth's Monado hidden within the red triangular emblem on her chest, which had been implanted by Egil's sister Vanea. Using the combined powers of Lady Meyneth and the Mechonis Monado, Fiora takes on Zanza herself. She loses, and Zanza takes Meyneth's Monado as Lady Meyneth herself is killed.

Fiora retains Meyneth's memories, however it becomes apparent that Fiora doesn't have much time amongst the living in her Machina body because Lady Meyneth's power no longer dwells within her. Fiora doesn't get checked out by Linada, but Melia suspects something was up and goes to check on her.

During the closing scenes the view point is a First-Person perspective from Fiora's view, until she finds Shulk. It is here that it is revealed that Fiora was able to have her Homs body restored after all, but she retains her short haircut.

[edit] Canon Content Not in Game

In a short-story that was revealed in Xenoblade: The Secret File Monado Appears, which was only released in Japan, some time after the events of Mechonis Core and the post-game ending, Lady Vanea informs Shulk that an ancient High Entia regeneration chamber might still exist. This chamber would restore Fiora's Homs body, but the bad news is that she would have to remain in that chamber for a period of six months.

Shulk confirms its existence, as it was behind a locked door in Colony 9's Cylinder Hanger. He found it as he saw Melia, who was now the High Entia Queen, ordering the door to open in a vision. Fiora would not enter the chamber until Zanza's defeat because she knew that with her Homs body, she would not be able to assist them in the coming battle.

Once Zanza is defeated Fiora does enter the chamber but the game does not show this or any of the content in this section.

[edit] Battle Style

[edit] Start of Game

As a human: Fiora uses twin knives to hit fast and hard. She tends to rely on buffs and keeping the aggro off of her.

Her Arts are as follows:

When Fiora's Talent Gauge fills up, Fiora can use Butterfly Step, a Four-Hit combo that will knock an opponent back.

  • Power Smash: Delivers a single, strong blow to an opponent. Does triple damage if striking opponent from behind.
  • Screw Edge: Inflicts a single target with Break. Reyn can follow this up with Wild Down to inflict Topple.
  • Hidden Thorn: A target that is inflicted with Topple will be inflicted with Daze, a state in which the opponent won't be able to move or attack.
  • Lacerate: As its name implies, Lacerate inflicts a single target with Bleed. This is the only other Art that Fiora leans by way of Leveling Up, as she learns this Art at Level 8.

[edit] Later On

Fiora now uses dual longswords on battle and is still fast, she now relies on several of the advantages of her new Machina body. She uses a couple of drones to attack for her Talent Art, and concentrates on status effects in addition to offense. In this form Fiora is also considered among the most powerful characters of the game due to the high amounts of damage that she can deal, along with the debuffs that can also be inflicted.

The Drones Talent Art all depends on Fiora's foot gear and include the following:

  • Cannon Drones: This is the default that Fiora starts with once reunited with Shulk. It deals a high amount of ether damage in a straight line.
  • Gun Drones: Gun Drones have an Area of Effect, hitting all enemies for ether damage within that area six times.
  • Sword Drones: Sword Drones strike a single enemy with a 10-hit combo.
  • Shield Drones: Shield Drones mimic Monado Shield at Level 1. Level 2 goes a step beyond that, providing debuff immunity and cures all debuffs for 30 seconds.

Fiora also has access to an entirely different set of Arts.

  • Double Blade: Similar to Power Smash, causes triple damage if used to strike an enemy from behind.
  • Spear Blade: This move wile cause triple damage if the enemy has been afflicted with Topple.
  • Double Wind: In a frontal cone, enemies will take damage and Tension will increase. Learned at Level 42.
  • Shutdown: When used on a Mechon, its buffs and debuffs are purged. All enemies will fall asleep regardless if they're Mechon or not. Learned at Level 52.
  • Air Fang: Similar to Screw Edge in the sense that it inflicts Break, but is also a 2-hit combo.
  • Cross Impact: This 2-hit combo will inflict Daze on a Toppled opponent.
  • Mag Storm: Toppled Mechon will all be inflicted with Daze. Hits in a circle around Fiora. Learned at Level 49.
  • Healing Energy: An Aura that grants Regenerate and removes any debuffs that she has been afflicted with.
  • Speed Shift: This Aura grants Haste and increases the chances of a Double Attack, but Fiora's physical defense will decrease. Learned at Level 61.
  • Lock On: An Aura that can force the enemy to lock onto Fiora, which increases Fiora's Critical Hit rate by 50% and a 5% increase in her Talent gauge per hit taken from the target. Learned at Level 46.
  • Guard Shift: This Aura guarantees a physical block but reduces Fiora's attack power. Learned at Level 55.
  • Zero Gravity: In a circle around Fiora, all enemies caught in the Area of Effect are afflicted with Paralysis. The Talent Gauge also fills up if any Toppled enemies are in the Area of Effect.
  • Ether Drain: This Debuffs the enemy's Ether stats and Buffs Fiora's Ether stats. The effect increases if more than one enemy is in the Area of Effect.
  • Power Drain: Similar to Ether Drain, but Debuffs the enemy's Strength whilst Buffing Fiora's, with a larger effect with more than one foe in the Area of Effect. Learned at Level 58.
  • Second Gear: This increases the damage caused by Fiora's Physical Arts. Learned at Level 43.
  • Final Cross: In a frontal cone, Final Cross delivers a 4-hit combo that forces Topple on all enemies caught in it, even if they aren't suffering from Break. However, Fiora must have very high Tension to use this move. Picked up after second battle against Jade Face.

[edit] Other Appearances

Fiora makes an appearance as a trophy in Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U, and her "Seven" form makes an appearance in the Wii U-version exclusive mode Smash Tour. This Trophy, when used at the start of any battle, will boost the attack power the more damage that they take. In addition to functioning like the Aura skills of Lucario it can be stacked with said fighter as well.

On September 19, 2015, in a trailer revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2015, it was announced that Fiora would be joining the cast of Project X Zone 2 along with Lucina and Chrom from Fire Emblem, and KOS-MOS from Xenosaga.

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