Ether Mine

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Ether Mine
Machinery that extends into the Central Pit
Location Bionis' Upper Leg, Below Colony 6
Named Areas 20
Skip Travel Points 9
Secret Areas 1
Exits To Colony 6
Sidequests 0
Collectopaedia Entries 13
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles


[edit] Description

Ether Mine is a multi-level pit that extends deep into the Bionis. It is a great source of Ether Crystals, and as a result there are numerous Ether Deposits to be utilized.

At the Mine's lowest level there is a river of Ether, concentrations of which are so high that anyone--or anything--that falls into it will not last very long!

Most of this area becomes inaccessible once the plot progresses, so be sure to get all the named locations and Skip Travel Points on your first trip, especially in the Central Pit portion of the Mine!

[edit] Story

[edit] Rescuing Juju

Sharla does not believe that the Mechon have found every possible passageway in the Ether Mine, hence her suggestion to use it as a way to sneak into Colony 6. However, her logic isn't accurate, as when they approach the Storage Depot Sharla and company hear an ether rifle firing. Upon investigation, she finds Otharon, her Commanding Officer in the Colony 6 Defence Force, trying to repel some Mechon.

It is then brought to light that the Mechon have been keeping everyone prisoner in the lower levels of the Mine, and much to Sharla's dismay, Gadolt has gone missing. Just as they're about to move out for the lower levels, Shulk receives a vision of Otharon falling to his death. When he tries to reason with Otharon, he gets chewed out, yet Reyn could sense that something was up with his best friend.

They proceed, knowing that the lower levels will be crawling with Mechon, and at the bottom they've found that the Base Level of the Central Pit is being used as a banquet hall for the Mechon.

Thanks to Reyn's talking-to, Shulk was able to save Otharon after all, and Sharla was reunited with Juju, but not without Xord delaying their escape.

[edit] Colony 6 Reconstruction

While the Central Pit cannot be accessed after the story progresses, by leveling up Colony 6's Nature you'll receive better Ether Crystals from the Ether Mine, starting with Nature reaching Level 3. This makes the Ether Mine a fantastic place to mine for Ether Crystals, making the Colony 6 Reconstruction much worth it, and not just for the rewards of progressing each level!

[edit] Map

[edit] Mining

[edit] Always Accessible

These Ether Crystal deposits will always be accessible regardless of story progression.

  • Electric: First Deposit East-Southeast of Central Terminal

[edit] Inaccessible After Story Progresses

  • These Ether Crystal Deposits are only available on your first and only trip into the Central Pit's Ether Mine, as the area becomes Inaccessible after the story progresses past this part.
  • Earth: B2's North-Most Crystal Deposit
  • Wind: North-Northwest of Personnel Lift 3
    • Agility Up II
    • Quick Step II
  • Ice: North-Most Crystal Deposit

[edit] Quests

Unlike many other areas, there aren't any sidequests in the Ether Mine itself, but a few sidequests from a Merchant Nopon outside Colony 6 require going through the early parts of the Ether Mine.

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Story Enemies

In the first battle against Xord, he'll summon the following to help him with his Call Minions Art:

[edit] Additional Enemies

  • See Ether Mine/Monsters for a complete list of Monsters in Colony 9, along with Unique Monsters.

[edit] Items

[edit] Heart-to-Hearts

  • A Broken Watch
  • A Wistful Glow
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