Spoiler.png Even if everything has been predestined, will you not oppose it?

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is the Chief and Mastermind behind the Mechon attack and the Faced Mechon, he is the son of Miqol and the Brother of Vanea, unlike his sister he wishes to destroy all life on Bionis.

[edit] Role on the tale

Egil is the one who started creating the Mechon and sending them to kill everything on Bionis. Seeing that his plan had a fatal flaw: the Monado was able to cut trough his inventions so he came up with a way to stop the Monado and still be able to destroy the Bionis: Faced Mechon, Bionis citizens who are kidnapped or 'devoured' by Mechon, then most of the organs of the victims would be replaced and would be made into part-Machina, then sometimes their memories would be erased and sent against the Bionis inhabitants.

[edit] Egil's Raison d'tre

Egil's rage goes back Millenia, he was friends with the now extinct giants race, to be specific with Arglas a chosen one of the Monado. Both of them were close friends and planned to unite the people of Bionis and Mechonis. However destiny had a say in the matter, as Arglas went berserk once he came into possession of the Monado, saying that he would kill everything and become a god, leaving Egil bitter, losing trust of the inhabitants of Bionis, thinking of them as traitors and backstabbers. His hatred for them only increased as he found out the inhabitants of the Bionis are mere food for the titan, each time a Homs dies it is 'devoured' by the Bionis, and by so it slowly regains energy.

This pushed Egil so far to think that killing all life on Bionis would make the Titan die and rot, also ensuring the safety of his own people.

[edit] Egil's Death

After his defeat at the hands of Shulk, he was left wondering what the young Homs had that he did not. After talking with Shulk he begins to re-think his posture and ideals, only for Dickson to show up and shoot Shulk, freeing Zanza from Shulk's body and revealing himself as the one who was the perpetrator of the massacre that left Egil bittersome. After this Egil chose to buy some time for the party to escape, only to be obliterated with ease by Zanza and his new weapon, Meyneth's Monado.

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