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Dunban is the brother to Fiora, and seems to be the insightful one of the party. Although he lost the use of his right arm, his abilities with a sword are still deadly and unmatched.


[edit] The Battle of Sword Valley

Dunban teams with his small squad consisting of Dickson and Mumkhar, in an attempt to stop the Mechon threat. Wielding the legendary Monado, he quells the forces, and, enchanting his allies' weapons, they fight the Mechon threat back. Mumkhar, choosing cowardice over bravery, abandons his squadron, planning to steal the Monado after the battle is over. Dunban and Dickson continue to fight onward, but the power of the Monado is much too strong, and Dunban starts feeling the side-effects of it. Dickson, not leaving his side, helps Dunban, and the two continue to fight off the attacking Mechons.

[edit] Colony 9

Dunban is stuck in bed, as the effects of the Monado had become dire. His sister, Fiora, continues to assist him until he becomes better. Dunban's entire right arm is unuseable, as the Monado had been too powerful, and had paralyzed his entire arm. Dunban tells Fiora to take a dish she had made to Shulk, that he would be fine by himself. Time passes, and the entire colony becomes overrun by Mechon. The trio try to fight their way through to the city, but to no avail. Dunban reaches the Monado before the rest of the group, and helps turn a dire situation toward their favor. He, Shulk, and Reyn make their way across the bridge to reach Fiora, but get ambushed by a large group of Mechon. He attempts to take them all out, but the Monado is too powerful, and he drops the weapon. Shulk, in desperation, grabs it, and continues to destroy the Mechon. Dunban watches in shock as Shulk wields the blade with no repurcussions. After the threat is neutralized, they make their way back into the city, to get to Fiora. They are stopped by a large Mechon that goes by the name Metal Face, but can not even scratch it. Metal Face, in amusement, attempts to kill them, but is interrupted by Fiora. In rage, he violently stabs her, then tosses her to the side, to be ripped apart by the Mechon. The group stares in disbelief, then, in anger, Shulk attacks the Metal Face, but still nothing. The Mechon laughs in amusement, and disappears, begging them to follow him.

[edit] Rejoining

After the trio defeats Xord, they make their way out of the cave, only to be attacked by a whole army of Xords, led by the infamous Metal Face. Dunban and Dickson join the group, and fend off the Mechon, but there's just too many. The odds are stacked against them, that is, until a Telethia swoops down on the battlefield, and destroys the mechon army. Metal Face, in rage, leaves the group, and Dunban and Dickson agree to follow Shulk and the party on their quest to avenge Fiora.

[edit] Fighting Style

Dunban can probably be attributed as having the most unique and, if used properly, powerful fighting styles in the entire game. A majority of his attacks and skills focus on drawing aggro towards himself, but he has less health than the other heavy attackers (Reyn and Riki.) The reason being is he is not a tank, but an evasion master. With an extremely high base agility stat, and skill bonuses that increase his agility depending on certain requirements, he can easily reach the highest agility in the entire game, making him practically unhittable. His attacks deal extremely high damage, and some of his weapons have higher base damage than any other weapon (with the exception of some of Shulk's Monado and Monado Replicas.) Dunban learns a ton of status infliction attacks, and even has the ability to break and topple an enemy without the aid of his teammates. His buffs and auras are devastating, also, but the most destructive ability in his arsenal is his Talent Art, which allows him to chain attacks together (utilizing his own unique "Chain Attack" if you may.)

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