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Dickson is a powerful old man who wields a devastating gun blade, he is one of Dunban's most trusted allies, but holds a deep, dark secret from the rest of the group.


[edit] A World-Changing Discovery

Dickson was on an expedition of the Valak Mountains with other explorers, they reached a strange shrine in the mountain, a scene that is reverted to many times throughout the story. They find others in the shrine, but an event happened that wiped out most of the them, but amongst the deaths, Dickson discovers a small child still alive. Next to the child, stuck in an alter, is the legendary Monado. He takes the child back with him, who is revealed to be none other than Shulk, heir to the Monado.

[edit] Sword Valley

Dickson comprises a team with Dunban and Mumkhar at the Battle of Sword Vallery, trying to stop the Mechon from invading the Bionis. Dunban, the wielder of the Monado, is the only hope they have for drawing the army away from the checkpoint. Dunban enchants his teammates' weapons, allowing them to aid in the fight with the Mechon. When things seem to turn for the worse, Mumkhar abandons his allies, leaving Dickson and Dunban to fend off the Mechon threat for themselves.

[edit] Events Afterwards

Dickson shows up randomly after the events of Sword Valley to aid the group, but he really doesn't show up too much until after the group defeats Xord in the mines, on their way to Colony 6. Dickson appears with Dunban, and helps them fend off a large group of Metal Faces, when the party thinks the battle has been lost, a Telethia destroys the remaining metal faces. From this point onward, Dickson travels with the group, following them on their quest to reach the top of Prison Tower, where Shulk predicts they fight the Metal Face that took Fiora. After unlocking the gateway to reach the upper regions, more specifically Makna Forest, Dickson leaves the group, taking Juju and Otharon with him back to rebuild Colony 6.

[edit] The War on the Mechon

After a series of attacks from Metal Face against the High Entia, the race decides to join the Hom and Nopon army in an attempt to stop the Mechon's attack on the Bionis. Dickson, acting as the voice of the Homs, agrees to join Kallian in the war against the Mechon, contrary to Otharon's refusal. Dickson meets the group later in Sword Valley, offering to sell them custom-made weapons that were created for the sole purpose of killing Mechons.

[edit] Betrayal and the Truth

After the group finally makes their way to Egil, who planned out the attacks on the Bionis, they begin to fight him in Mechonis Core, suited in his supreme creation (Named Gold Face). After the team stops Egil from destroying the Bionis, they cope with him, promising they can save both the Bionis and the Mechonis together, and live in peace. This very moment, Shulk is shot in the back by none other than Dickson, who reveals to the group that he was leading them on the whole time.

After Shulk "dies", lord Zanza leaves his body, only to wield the powerful Monado for himself. Dickson reveals that he is actually the Disciple of Zanza, and his whole plan all along was for his uprising to begin once again.

[edit] Saving the Bionis

After the Mechonis crumbles into the ocean, the group makes their way back to the Bionis, with the few Machinas that survived the devastation. Here they once again encounter Dickson, with an army of Telethia. He's threatened by the High Entia, who attempt to stop him in his tracks, but are turned against their own allies when Lorithia and Dickson initiate the transformation. All the High Entia fuse with the vessels they are traveling on, becoming the legendary Telethia. Kallian, who has a stronger will than the others, rejects the transformation, but in the end is overpowered, as Melia, in horror, watches her brother become one of the destructive beasts.

Porting in Colony 6, they try to recuperate and make plans on how to stop Zanza, while Linada tries to save Shulk from his current state. The party makes their way outside, only to see Dickson commanding an army of Telethia once again, trying to destroy Colony 6. The team manages to stand up against the army, but are soon overpowered by the sheer amount of Telethia. Shulk, who was visited by Alvis in his concussive state, joins the group with a powerful replica Monado created by Miqol, and slaughters the Telethia.

Dickson, surprised and impressed, leaves the fight with Alvis, and pits the group against yet another large Telethia. After traversing the Bionis Interior and making it to it's heart, they are once again met by Lorithia, who reveals Kallian's Telethia abomination. She fuses with him in an attempt to destroy them once and for all, but the team is once again successful. Lorithia is now killed, and Kallian can rest in peace, but he does not leave without speaking to his sister one more time.

After he departs, Dickson joins them, taunting them once more, and telling them he will wait for them at Prison Island.

[edit] Dickson's Final Stand

After the group finally makes their way to Prison Island, where they first met Zanza, they must climb the large tower, on their way to stop a corrupt god. They're met by Dickson, who halters their advance on an elevator, pitting them against Obarts and Behemoths, and altering the elevator to further delay their advance. The team fixes the problem, and defeats the Master Obart, climbing the tower even more, they are tasked with restarting the teleporter to reach the top of the tower.

After being successful, they make their way back, where they are met face to face with a ferocious, powerful dragon. They defeat it, and step in the teleporter, finally reaching their destination: The area where Zanza was locked up by the High Entia, but instead of Zanza, they are met by Dickson, who shows them his true form, a giant, like the one who was corrupted by the god himself.

The team fights him, but to no avail, as he wipes everyone out, taunting them even more. Shulk and Fiora finally get up, consumed with power, and resume their fight against the giant, winning in the end. Dickson reverts back to his human form, battered and beaten. The rest of the group head to finish him off, but Shulk stops them, reminding them they are after Zanza, not him.

They were much more powerful than he expected them to become. They leave, and Dickson, impressed by Shulk's sheer power, refuses to let them know he is dying. He does admit that the student had finally surpassed the teacher, bidding Shulk one final farewell. They realize his wounds are too severe after the battle, and Dickson's cigar falls to the ground, as his journey ends on the top of Prison Island.

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