Colony 9

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Colony 9
Outside the Military District, Colony 9
Location Bionis' Lower Leg
Named Areas 22
Skip Travel Points 10
Secret Areas None
Exits To Tephra Cave
Missable Sidquests 1
Mutually Exclusive Sidequests 14
Total Sidequests 80
Collectopaedia Entries 17
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles


[edit] Description

Colony 9 is the first area that can be explored in full following the Battle of Sword Valley, one year prior to the start of the game. This is the home of many different characters, including Shulk, Reyn, Dunban and Fiora, located on the upper right calf of the Bionis.

Due to its position on the titan, Colony 9 often suffers from falling debris, thus the Colony has three Anti-Air batteries for defence.

[edit] Story

[edit] Early Events

After the events of the prologue, Shulk is introduced, as he is seen scavenging around the Mechon Wreckage Site for mechanical components. His spelunking causes him to be ambushed by a Krabble, leading to the first fight of the main game thanks to a timely assist from Reyn. After defeating it and a Colony Caterpile in the ensuing skirmish, the two friends return to the settlement part of the colony, situated towards the center of the area.

Returning to the Military District, Reyn goes back to duty while Shulk goes to the Weapon Development Lab to continue his research on the Monado, the same mysterious blade used by Dunban in the Battle of Sword Valley a year prior. However his mentor Dickson goads him into going out and getting some fresh air.

The story cuts away to Fiora, Dunban's little sister. She is helping to take care of her older brother, who was injured as a result of using the Monado in the battle a year prior. Dunban sends her off to share some of the food she prepared with Shulk, who's relaxing by himself at Outlook Park. The two enjoy the moment before the Debris Siren sounds, forcing them to return to the Colony as the Anti-Air batteries can't cover that part of the Colony.

When Shulk and Fiora return to the lab, they see Reyn there, who is about to handle the Monado. However he is unable to control the power of the blade, and starts to swing it wildly out of control. As a result, some of the lab machinery gets damaged and the blade of the Monado hits Fiora, but instead of cutting her the weapon bounces right off with the girl unharmed as the Monado cannot harm life forms that were born from the Bionis. But that doesn't stop her from giving Shulk an earful due to his being more concerned over the broken machinery than her safety.

Shulk is able to deactivate the Monado, but upon touching it, he sees a multitude of visions, many of them disturbing events that have yet to pass. He inquires about this with Reyn, but he claims that he didn't see any such visions. After apologizing for his foolishness, Reyn reveals why he was looking for Shulk: he needed help retrieving Ether Cylinders from the Mag Mell Ruins, a part of Tephra Cave. The two boys ask for Fiora to remain at the Colony despite her wishes to tag along. While the boys set off for the cave entrance, they happen to find Fiora already there, waiting for them, carrying the two containers that they'll need to carry the cylinders, which they somehow managed to forget.

[edit] Emerging from Tephra Cave

Emerging from Tephra Cave, Shulk, Fiora and Reyn retrieve the Ether Cylinders, however they have to unexpectedly fight off a pair of Ancient Machines. They were puzzled as to why they were activated, but soon found out why: approaching swarms of Mechon, which fly directly overhead and descend on the colony. Having trouble believing what has happened because they thought the Mechon were annihilated at the Battle of Sword Valley a year prior, Shulk and company rush back to repel the attack.

Upon reaching the Colony, Shulk has Fiora look for Dunban, while he and Reyn make a direct run to the Weapon Development Lab, seeing the mysterious sword, the Monado, as their only chance. After toppling a nearby Mechon, Fiora returns, unable to find Dunban. But at the lab entrance they encounter an unexpected setback: rubble has already collapsed over the entrance. The resolution is to activate the Mobile Artillery to clear it out, and to fight off the Mechon attack.

The three of them are surrounded at the Central Plaza. Shulk and Reyn are forced to hold off the Mechon so Fiora can reach the Mobile Artillery and refuel it with the Ether Cylinders. But just as it seems that Shulk and Reyn would not have enough to win, Dunban, once again wielding the Monado, cuts right through the Mechon and joins the fight! However their route to following Fiora is cut off, as debris has blocked the path. As a result they have to go around the colony to reach the Residential District.

Everything's going smoothly until they reach the Colony Entrance by Dunban's House, where he starts to profusely cough up blood as a result of using the Monado. In order to save his friends, Shulk took up the sword and challenged the Mechon, dispatching them without flaw. This is largely thanks to a newfound ability to see the future, which allows him to predict what his opponents are about to do. However, Dunban never experienced this ability when he used the Monado.

Shulk, Dunban and Reyn reach the Residential District, only to be confronted by Metal Face, the Faced Mechon apparently in charge of the attack on Colony 9. But for some unknown reason the Monado is rendered useless against the Faced Mechon. After a relatively short battle, with the three appearing to be out of ideas, Fiora rushes Metal Face with the Mobile Artillery, causing damage and scarring its face with its primary Ether Cannon. But to everyone's horror and despite Shulk shouting to Fiora to get out of there, Metal Face dispatches the Mobile Artillery with little trouble and runs its massive claws through her.

It then occurred to Shulk that he had seen these events unfold earlier, during his initial vision in the Weapon Development Lab. At this realization Shulk gives in to his anger, shouting Fiora's name in grief and a sense of powerlessness at being unable to save his friend. This doesn't stop him from going on the attack and further damaging Metal Face before it taunts the party once more, then retreating with the Mechon that survived.

The day after, Shulk was convinced to talk to Dunban about his feelings. However he refused to shed a tear over the passing of his sister, as she had died in an honorable manner, sacrificing herself so that her friends and brother could live on. At outlook park Reyn and Shulk discuss their plans for revenge, resolving to destroy Metal Face at any and all cost, despite Shulk having somewhat mixed feelings. The two boys depart as Dunban looks on from inside his house, vowing to join up with them once his injuries have healed.

Shulk and Reyn depart for Tephra Cave, looking to gather some information about where the Mechon were heading at Colony 6, which is the only other Homs settlement on Bionis.

[edit] Map

Colony 9 map.png

[edit] Quests

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Story Enemies

[edit] Additional Enemies

  • See Colony 9/Monsters for a complete list of Monsters in Colony 9, along with Unique Monsters.

[edit] Items

[edit] Heart-to-Hearts

  • Sunrise at the Park
  • Overlooking the Colony
  • Enduring Friendship
  • A Heropon's Persepctive
  • Ancient Wreckage
  • Watching Over Them
  • Fiora's Cooking

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