Bionis' Leg

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Bionis' Leg
Overlooking the leg
Location Bionis' Leg
Named Areas 26
Skip Travel Points 11
Secret Areas 1
Exits To Tephra Cave
Colony 6
Missable Sidquests 0
Mutually Exclusive Sidequests 2
Timed Sidequests 24
Total Sidequests 39
Collectopaedia Entries 22
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles


[edit] Description

One of the largest areas in Xenoblade Chronicles, to call Bionis' Leg massive would be a massive understatement. In this large expanse of land, the party will meet Juju and Sharla for the first time, and have their first encounters with a Mechon M71 and Xord, a Faced Mechon.

To reach this area from Colony 9, travelers have to go through Tephra Cave.

[edit] Story

[edit] Smoke on the Plains

Shulk and Reyn reach Bionis' Leg by clearing out the Arachno Queen's Nest of many Arachno, including the Arachno Queen. Upon reaching the plain, Shulk and Reyn see smoke in the distance. The smoke is coming from a buggy, and upon touching it Shulk sees a vision, showing him a boy under attack by monsters near a waterfall.

After searching for-and finding-a waterfall in the surrounding vicinity, they find Juju, who has drawn the ire of two Berserk Ardun. They return to the broken buggy after defeating them, where Shulk fixes it, and are invited to a Refugee Camp. At the camp they're promptly asked for the whereabouts of someone that neither Shulk nor Reyn had seen.

Sharla then explains that they are all refugees from Colony 6, which has been attacked and taken over by the Mechon. Juju wants to go see if the Colony is safe, but Reyn puts him in his place. Juju says he's going to make dinner, but instead takes off, triggering another vision. This vision shows Juju being captured by a Mechon M71, and his older sister Sharla meeting the same fate, along with another Faced Mechon coming to collect the both of them. Sharla agrees to come along with Shulk and Reyn to rescue him.

The Buggy that Juju was riding in was found on Raguel Bridge, as it had crashed. But there was no sign of Juju; he continued on foot. He somehow made it past several Mechon formations but was ensnared by a Mechon M71. At the start of the battle, Shulk unlocks a new Monado Art that saves Sharla's life: Monado Speed. Thanks to this new power, the trio destroy the M71. However, one part of the vision does come to pass: Xord appears and kidnaps Juju, forcing the party to regroup at the Refugee Camp.

Sharla joins Shulk and Reyn; together the trio head off to the Ether Mines via Colony 6.

[edit] Post-Mechonis Core

After the events that take place in the Mechonis Core, the Refugee Camp becomes a haven for High Entia survivors that escaped from Alcamoth.

[edit] Other Appearances

Bionis' Leg is featured as a stage in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U under the title Gaur Plain. This is the home stage of Shulk and also features an appearance by Metal Face in the Wii U version as the stage's Boss.

[edit] Map

[edit] Mining

  • Electric: Kisk Cave, South End
    • Ether Up I
    • Double Attack I

[edit] Quests

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Story Enemies

[edit] Quest-Exclusive Enemies

[edit] Additional Enemies

  • See Bionis' Leg/Monsters for a complete list of Monsters in Bionis' Leg, along with Unique Monsters.

[edit] Items

[edit] Heart-to-Hearts

  • Geography Lesson
  • What Visions May Bring
  • Heir to the Monado
  • What's On Reyn's Mind
  • Revisiting the Past

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