Bionis' Interior

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Bionis' Interior
The Interior of the Bionis, as seen on the second trip
Location Inside the Bionis' Chest
Named Areas 15
Skip Travel Points 7
Secret Areas 0
Exits To Makna Forest
Prison Island (Revisited)
Missable Sidquests 0
Mutually Exclusive Sidequests 0
Timed Sidequests 0
Total Sidequests 5
Collectopaedia Entries 7
Appears In Xenoblade Chronicles


[edit] Description

The Bionis' Interior is quite literally the inside of the Bionis. The path at the end of Satorl Marsh leads inward, and can be used to reach Makna Forest.

Don't be fooled by appearance: the Bionis is very much alive despite not having moved for a very long time!

[edit] Story

[edit] First Visit

The defeat of the Satorl Guardian allows Shulk and company to climb the Sororal Statues and at its top, reach an entrance that leads to the Bionis' Interior, literally within the massive titan itself. Shulk mentions that somehow, the Bionis still feels alive, even though it hadn't moved for thousands of years.

On the first visit, this area seems to be incredibly minuscule compared to other areas, won't have any Sidequests or Collectables, and the only other living being is a lone Nopon that explains how to proceed upward to Makna Forest.

[edit] Pursuing Zanza

After the events of Mechonis Core, and defeating some of the Telethia used by two members of The Trinity, the group takes Junks into the Bionis' Interior through a hole in its chest. This hole was created by Egil's final attack during the Mechonis Core events. Here, the group encounters Lorithia, who taunts the party in general and Melia in particular before walking into the Bionis' Heart.

It's a long hike up to the Heart, and it would be wise to equip high-level Terrain Defence gems here because without those you won't last long should you fall into the Ether and cannot locate a geyser to launch yourself back onto the platforms.

Upon reaching the Heart, Lorithia brings in Kallian, who has transformed into a Telethia, and says that he is completely under her command. Then, in an attempt to anger Melia and get inside her mind, she kisses him. Lorithia then combines with Kallian to fight the group.

After victory they briefly mourn Kallian's passing before Dickson shows up to gloat. But he also leaves behind a dark portal, which will teleport the party to Prison Island, which won't be accessible otherwise at this point in the game.

[edit] Map

[edit] Mining

All the gems are top-level gems, but the bad news is that you won't be able to mine for them until your second trip.

[edit] Quests

All five Quests can be received from Vanea upon arriving at the Interior Landing Site.

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Story Enemies

[edit] Additional Enemies

[edit] Items

[edit] Heart-to-Hearts

  • Seven's Body
  • Kind Words

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